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HACCP and its Important Role in Food-Making

One of the many things about Meal Prep Sunday is that we’re a customer-centered company based on the satisfaction of our clients and working on various ways we make life easier for them. We hold the utmost respect for one’s standards by making your eating lifestyle a safe and trusted experience. In the FIVE years we’ve been working to make eating fun we’ve been integrating safer ways for our clients to know that we’re giving them the best bang for their buck. The way ingredients are being stored and handled behind the scenes of many restaurants can worry the average consumer. We’ve studied that underrated part of providing quality service to our extended family by following high standards for a high quality experience. HACCP helps remind us that we’re on the right path.

What is HACCP?

One of the top important things about what makes a successful and safe company that produces food for masses of people is how they keep to their HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system. For instance, this system is basically the controlling of hazards that could potentially damage food products. This all happens from the moment it grows from the land of the farm to the fork of the consumer.

The production, procurement, handling, manufacturing, distribution, preparation, and consumption of the product is all monitored by the HACCP. This ensures efficiency from start to finish. To be certified by HACCP they will conduct reviews and require effective data to reduce any negative responses and reassure the public, as well as the company, that you’re on the right track and giving their customers quality produce. It also certifies you as a reputable brand like one of the big boy chains! The main HACCP certification rules deal with temperature, cross contamination, packaging, storage control, and daily practices.


Let’s start with temperature! We need to make sure that we’re receiving the product from our supplier, storing it, preparing it, cooking it, cooling it down at the appropriate time, and delivering it at the proper temperature needed to keep all of the ingredients undamaged by any outside source. The quality and freshness of our meals must have been kept intact from the beginning. That means controlling the environment around the product to ensure the best condition it can be at!


Cross Contamination

Another important point is keeping the raw product from the cooked product. We use color-coordinated cutting boards to determine what type of foods we’re handling. By doing this it will help us so we don’t confuse our stations or risk getting a customer sick. We store our meal preps in industrial-sized refrigerators and cover the raw/cooked products individually to avoid any risk of cross contamination.


Our ingredients come into our kitchen fresh and we make it our top mission to keep them that way. To make sure packaging is a priority in keeping our produce safe we use MAP (a modified atmosphere packaging). We vacuum-seal our meals and decrease the oxygen exposure to prolong the shelf life of the product. We use our Multivac T300 to keep our meals harm-free and the containers they come in BPA-free. MAP replaces the confined environment with elements like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen so that the meals keep their freshness.

We recycle our used products and check the expiration dates of all of our ingredients before using them. As a result we want to make sure our customers are getting the best quality whether it’s the meals themselves, the containers they come in, or even the sauces or sides sitting right next to them. Storage control is important because it helps put everything where it’s supposed to go. This makes sure we’re getting the best out of what we’re paying for!


Most importantly, we use daily practices to ensure we eliminate any potential risk of damaging our produce or our clients’ experience like wearing a mask to avoid things like saliva and facial hair in our cooking. All of our cooks wear sleeves and hairnets to avoid any hair coming into contact with the food. We even have our chefs change their aprons to avoid mixing the raw and cooked products when changing stations. The cooking staff changes gloves often to avoid contact with skin, sweat, hair, and other food products. In addition to wearing gloves we make sure the cooking staff constantly sanitizes their hands after finishing with a station so the probability of carrying anything over to the next station is ZERO.


By going the extra mile for those who trust us with their eating lifestyle we find success in our customers’ gratification. We strive to fabricate and deliver the best that we can and it shows! This is from a company delivering to thousands from San Diego to Los Angeles because we take our standards seriously. We do that by making sure our preparation is at the same caliber as our meals. Each customer is as important as the one prior and we treat every meal as if it’s our first. The rules we abide by to make each eating experience special are just steps we follow to improve from #GoodtoGreat.

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