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How the State of our Facility Affects the State of our Food

There are a lot of features that make a company great. For us it’s a list of things from the oven we cook with to the staff that handles our customers’ needs. Each characteristic is vital to the image of a food company providing meals for thousands of Southern Californians. A successful business of any background comprises many appealing traits to attract and maintain customer satisfaction every week. We are still adding features and different work techniques to improve our services for our clients’ satisfaction.

Our Industrial Doyon Oven

We have our food’s cooking temperature precisely designed before confirming by thermometer after completion in our industrial-sized Doyon oven. The benefits of having your food prepared rotisserie-style is that you’re getting all sides and all of the ingredients are getting cooked evenly. The Doyon oven boasts various features like pulse steaming to keep the foods inside juicy and wet before dry heating the ingredients to perfection. The act of pulse steaming something like a chicken will keep the inside juicy and moist while dry heating will transfer heat to the exterior of the chicken to make that crusty shell. The kitchen stove also has a five-inch thick insulation and a mode that will save energy so it’s even eco-friendly. The fan speed inside helps create that beautiful color as well as controlling the texture of the outside layer.

What Our Packaging Machine Does to Your Food

A lot of people wonder how we wrap up and package our meals in their containers so perfectly. There’s a whole science behind making sure what we produce for our customers is the best it can be. The Multivac T-300 reduces the oxygen surrounding the meals and seals them with film to keep the freshness natural. This machine will rapidly produce a tight skin over the containers so that it will prevent any leakage and oxidation. We even measure the exact percentage of elements allowed in the environment within the sealed containers. Modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of the meals in our BPA-free containers improves the shelf life without the need of preservatives or freezing the product. This makes sure that the foods last longer, keep their organic flavor, and keeps everything inside clean and together so nothing moves around or makes a mess.

Our Industrial-Sized Fridge

Did you know there must be a consistent temperature control to prevent the growth of diseases like salmonella? It’s very important to keep organic meals below 41 degrees to prevent any food-borne illnesses and we can control that with our Ranco thermostat outside of our three industrial-sized refrigerators. It only takes thirty minutes for the food to cool, solidifying the texture and moisture for optimal flavor. The cooks at Meal Prep Sunday also utilize the KE2 fridge control to manage the temperature fluctuation. The KE2 is a robust device that provides versatility for a wide range of medium temperature applications with air defrost on a time clock setting so you have oversight on the degree variation. Having a meal exposed to heat will expose it to staph bacteria that cooking can’t destroy, so having our meals in one of our three refrigerators will maintain the food’s freshness.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Keeping a cooking environment clean is much more than just mopping the floors and spraying the countertops. Every station will always keep their area clean and organized with soap after every round of tasks is completed. Sanitizing the equipment and appliances will help keep them new, formidable, and deprived of any harmful microorganisms. Our kitchen staff throw out used towels and using color-coordinated cutting boards to keep the raw from the cooked foods. All of our cooks wear aprons to avoid cross contamination and hairnets to avoid hair getting mixed into the cooking. Our chefs even don masks and sleeves to prevent any saliva and hair from getting into the food. Making sure our staff is clean is just as important as keeping our meals safe from anything outside the recipe.

Facility Cleanliness

If you want quality food then it should come from a facility that is taken care of. The entire kitchen itself is cleaned twice daily and goes through a deep, thorough cleaning weekly throughout the entire building. The cleaner our facility is then we are lessening even more possibilities of unwanted substances getting into the food. Making the entire establishment immaculate will get specks of food out of the oven and grease off the stove. We keep our home tidy just as you’d like your own when serving your own food for company!


There wouldn’t be Meal Prep Sunday San Diego without teamwork. It’s a priority of ours to make sure we work with the best local culinary experts after a thorough training course to ensure our customers are getting their meals from people who are passionate about their craft. We commemorate our team by posting pictures of each member in every position on our wall between our office and kitchen to show the strong structure that makes up our company. It’s important to remind our crew as well as show anyone who walks into our facility that we are here because of the hard work of every individual wearing a uniform and not just a room of industrial machines. We are very lucky of the teamwork we practice here and to be using our passion to serve local communities.

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