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Influencer "How-To's" for a Great Testimonial

Hey there! Thank you so much for agreeing to collaborate with us! Below are features and points you can pick from to talk about in your video. We chose you as an influencer for us because we believe our service could not only benefit you but also your followers! This is truly a chance to help your followers and people you know get a service they may have been searching for! We hope that you enjoy the meals and we look forward to seeing your influencer testimonial!

In your video testimonial we will go over the main features we represent as a company and the by-products we provide that make us stand out from other meal prep companies you may know. We want you to know what we offer besides our fresh and delicious meal preps. We’ll explain in the video what we want you and your followers to know about us and we’ll even provide some testimonial samples so you can get a more precise understanding of what we believe has covered the main highlights of our services and what we as a meal prep company symbolize.

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Remember Influencer!!!

You are trying to get your friends involved with us so they can change their eating habits for the better and have access to a healthier, more convenient, and more fitness-oriented lifestyle. Be sure to share your authentic experience with your followers so they can see why we are the #1 meal prep company in Southern California as we expand to Los Angeles! You can also get yourself a nice discount or commission (as you can see in the inserts above) per individual you refer to sign up with us so be sure to promote your own personal promo code to get some benefits!

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