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Macro Portioned Meals How Do They Help?

Before we can get into the schematics of macro portioning and what benefits they offer. Let’s talk about what we’re portioning. There are 3 main components in our meals that require balancing. Fats, Carbs & Proteins. Generally measured in grams, these three macronutrients can be adjusted for virtually any fitness goal. From bulking, shredding, weight loss to simply maintaining a weight. All three macronutrients play a role in manipulating bodies to achieve certain goals. Now that you have a brief introduction to macro portioning, you may be asking yourself. What benefits do macro portioned meals provide? Let’s get into it!

#1 Macro Portioned Meals Achieve Fitness Goals

Having an imbalance in your macronutrients can lead to unwanted results. For example, If your goal is to lose weight but haven’t had the right amounts of fats, carbs, and proteins to achieve this. Chances are that you won’t get to your goal. Macronutrients are decided based on your goal, physical info & amount of activity. Based on these 3 we will be able to gauge how many grams of fats, carbs, and proteins are needed in your diet. Having your macronutrients in line allows for guesswork in nutrition to dissipate. Giving you calculated results.

#2 They Build Structure

Macro Portioning your meals will help build structure. Normally people will blindly eat whatever is cooked at home or eat takeout. Both of which will not offer a portioned amount of macros to get you to your goal. Having a set amount of macronutrients to eat every day will give you a good look at how much food to consume per day. As well as what type of food to consume. The added motivation of knowing the actual number you need to eat is also a plus. Its like counting steps, if you’re below your step count, you’ll likely go for an extra walk to meet your goal. If you’ve reach your goal then you can relax knowing you completed your daily goal.

#3 Understanding Nutrition

Nutrition is not something we’re taught about growing up. At least not enough. Even though it is easily one of the most important things to have knowledge of. When you begin macro portioning meals you begin to recognize what a healthy amount of food looks like for you specifically. While also understanding how unhealthy choices impact the needed macronutrients. Overall, macro portioning your meal will add knowldge to what your body needs in order to reach whatever goal you set!

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