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Meal Prep Ideas For 7 Days Of Fresh Meals

Meal prep is one of the most tedious tasks that come paired with a fitness journey. It’s really a hit or miss for people. Meaning it’s either the reason people succeed or fail with their fitness journey. The nutritional side of health is without a doubt the most important. Executing the cooking of your food for the week will set you up for success. But how do we accomplish this? We’ll tell you how!

Step #1 To Meal Prep

Buy quality ingredients for your meal prep! This includes organic produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood if possible. The reason for this is simply that the ingredients will have more nutrients in them. Giving you more vitamins and minerals needed for your body to function properly. While also offering fresher products for you to cook with. Having fresh ingredients will last longer in your fridge. Keeping you away from food that has been sprayed and tainted with all sorts of chemicals or preservatives.

Step #2 Cooking Methods

When it comes to methods for your meal prep, it is important to pay attention to what will lock in flavors and textures for the longest. Each ingredient will have a different cooking method according to these requirements. Keep in mind that some of these methods may take longer to will overall have a better effect on taste. To begin these cooking methods let’s start with our proteins.


For proteins, we recommend the half grill, half sear technique. This is broken down into 2 stages of cooking. Starting with a sear or grill depending on the protein. This part of the process is simply to create a hard outer shell on the protein. It’s important to only get the outer shell and allow the bake to finish off the cook. The point of using this in your meal prep is to lock in the juices and moisture of the protein with the hard outer shell while unlocking more juices with the bake. This will keep you away from dried-out rubbery chicken. This is a common occurrence in meal prep and leads to a huge loss of motivation in your nutrition. Next up we will look at our produce, paired with ways to properly lock in the nutrients they offer.

Organic Produce

Organic produce is full of nutrients our bodies need in order to function. In non-organic produce, you will find that the produce has been sprayed with pesticides as well as being stripped of its nutrients. In order to get the most out of the produce we recommend blanching as the method of cooking. The reason for bleaching is in the texture, colors, and nutrient retention. Blanching starts off with a rapid boil of the vegetables. Followed by a dunk in an ice bath. Wat this will do is immediately stop the cooking process while bringing out amazing colors and textures that will have a lasting crunch all week long. The key to both these methods is to have the food taste and feel the same on day 7 as it did on day 1. These methods will work wonders for your meal prep!

Storing The Meals

Storing the meals is tricky. You can do all the steps above and execute it to perfection and still ruin the meals due to not storing properly. If you have the time and resources we recommend vacuum sealing the meals but understand it may not be the most practical way to store the meals. Unfortunately, the containers sold on the market do not fulfill the needed requirement for 7 days of fresh meals. Your best bet is to go with traditional Tupperware and have 2 days of meal prep. Once to cook the first half of your week’s meals and another to finish off your week.

Want An Alternative To Self Meal Prep?

Our meal prep service offers all of the above and more! Meal Prep Sunday Services is built on the knowledge of our many executive chefs. These chefs have researched and tested many methods of cooking in order to develop a production that will keep your meals fresh all week long! Though these methods are amazing at crafting fresh meals. It’s our packaging machine that makes sure they will last all a full week in you’re fridge! Our sealing technology naturally vacuum seals each meal while flushing out oxygen that would otherwise speed up the aging process.