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Meal Prep Sunday is Environmentally Better 

Not only are we using fresh and organic ingredients to make our customers feel vibrant, we’re also utilizing a lot of resources to keep the planet alive and well. From our produce to the packaging that contains the freshness for your satisfaction we are practicing eco-friendly procedures every day. We want to treat our world with respect since we are using its freshest sustenance to make its occupants healthy. We are going to show you how we at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego do our part to make our community a greener place.

Sourcing Locally

We source locally to decrease our carbon footprint in the world. This is the total carbon dioxide released by anyone due to their everyday activities. The higher that amount goes up the more damage we do to our atmosphere. The less of a commute, bagging, and outsourcing we use the less we emit greenhouse gases into the air. For example, if we purchased produce from Peru we would have to rely on transportation making it here without a delay, we would worry about the quality of the product every week, and it would add to our individual carbon footprint. Yes, it would cost less for goods overseas but we are here to provide quality to our clients, not just invest in cheaper purchases. Instead of working with a country that would be more cost-effective we’re sacrificing our budget to obtain more freshness for our consumers. At Meal Prep Sunday we dedicate our services from scratch to the best of our abilities so we provide you with an experience you can be sure is safe for the environment.


One of the best parts of working with a local business is that we’re keeping the money inside the state. Not only are you helping out local proprietors, you’re also assisting in the growth of your state’s economy. We’re also doing our part by ordering local ingredients so technically you’re helping out multiple businesses by ordering from us! Meal Prep Sunday has employed many native individuals, bringing innovation and growth to the community. Local businesses offer more employment opportunities than a major chain or online company. Those involved in the company are normally more inclined to stay in the region and invest more into society. We’re basically giving and saving our fellow citizens more work in every way!


We reduce all sources of delivery by getting the ingredients directly from the purveyors to the kitchen and straight to you. There is no corporation supplying us the produce or a big factory filling up our ramekins with sauce. We have the same convoy of drivers every week delivering meals from San Diego all the way to Los Angeles. Reducing the amount of suppliers and routing our deliveries in advance reduces petroleum usage. Our drivers will commute along the route our operations team has made for them to execute a perfect delivery. We are basically cutting out the time and gas it would take to drive to and from the grocery store to pick your ingredients. You don’t have to eat out at a restaurant or drive-through as much anymore! We’ve already shopped for the best ingredients and had them delivered to our kitchen; then we cook and deliver the meals to you so you don’t have to do it yourself. All that time can now be used on your work and other important tasks in your life.

Our Signature Bags

Our meal preps arrive in insulated bags with ice packs so they will stay fresh, even if they’re left outside. These bags and ice packs are reusable so you don’t have to continuously buy or use plastic while grocery shopping. They could be used for a walk to the park, a trip to the beach, or even going to work! If you’re getting take-out from Del Taco, everything is covered in plastic waste that will go straight to the trash. You can use your own silverware and our containers rather than any fast-food chain’s single-use utensils and cups. Even grocery shopping at Albertson’s you rarely re-use the bag whereas for our bags you’ll be able to take them anywhere and fill them with anything as many times as you can. Plus, you can swap out your bags when the driver comes to deliver your meals and clean them off for re-use about 3-to-5 more times the amount of times you use your bags from the grocery store.


Even the containers are BPA-free and recyclable. BPA is a chemical that has been linked to cause reproductive, immunity, and neurological problems along with other fatal diseases. These containers are sealed so air-tight that the meals cannot move around and they get to you safe and fresh. Besides the fact that food gets to you fresh and will stay that way for a long time it also reduces waste and there is no chemical preservation that most companies use to make their food last longer. What you’re eating with Meal Prep Sunday is fresh food with no additives. Food preservatives can weaken heart tissue and cause cancer and obesity so we make sure we give you grass-fed, locally-grown meals so you can eat knowing your body is going to be in good health.


We love collaborating with suppliers in our area to avoid outsourcing and to support our local businesses. Plus, if we are to receive any ingredients we’d prefer they come from a local and trusted facility. This is preferred over shipping where they lose time and value on their freshness. We like to establish a trusting relationship with what works so we can be consistent for our customers. If we have a good connection with our providers then we feel more confident in what we’re giving our clients. Working with local businesses will also reduce our carbon footprint so it’s a win-win-win!

Be Eco-Friendly with us

Try us out and help the world and your eating habits one step at a time! Do your part for eating healthy, supporting a local business, and reducing the harmful effect we’re having on our planet. We love offering more fresh options into your life and giving you a chance to live healthier in every way. Check us out to see how light we’re making our footprints in the earth and what we’re providing back to you for doing the same!