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~ Our Delivery Process ~

There are a lot of steps that go behind our delivery process at Meal Prep Sunday. Our goal is to get our product to you safely with temperature control and convenience with how we update you. We’re not just having a group of interns taking bags of random meals from our fridge to your home. Our team practices our “Good to Great” motto every week by improving on our procedures based on past obstacles and mistakes. We want to offer you more of an experience for you with our presentation rather than just another food drop-off. We’re going to show you how we get your meals from when they’re refrigerated to your doorstep.

~ Inside our Fridge ~

We supervise taking care of our meals to the Fahrenheit so we get the best quality for you. Our team will work in temperatures under 39 degrees in our walk-in refrigerators to make sure our meal preps are at a safe temperature to avoid growth of food-borne illnesses and bacteria. We’ve invested in two industrial refrigerators to have more control on the exact temperature for large quantities of food. The fridges are also connected to a monitoring system so we can avoid any fluctuation that could damage the food. The system will compare the actual temperature to the desired set point and provide an output to a control element. If food is found outside of a safe temperature it is at risk of hosting harmful bacteria. This is what leads to salmonella and e. coli if you’re cooking isn’t taken care of properly.

~ Insulated Bags & Ice Bags ~

The logistics team will calculate how many ice bags it will take to maintain the temperature based on the number of meals and the duration of the delivery. We are doing our best to keep the temperature of your meals static from our fridge to your fridge. Our signature bags are thermal insulated so they reflect heat from getting to the food, thus keeping the control unvarying. These two bags we provide to you are also recyclable so if you ever leave the house you’ll have your meals fresh for a few hours so you can enjoy them anywhere, too! The driver will swap out your last week’s bag with a new bag, take it back to the kitchen, clean it out, and re-use it about 3-to-5 times before recycling so we are helping save material and resources.

~ Interactive Delivery ~

Our drivers will text you when they’ve dispatched from the kitchen to provide you with an ETA. They will always send a message before receiving the bags from the fridge so you’re aware of the time the meals have been outside of the fridge and how long the ice packs have left until they’re unable to keep the meals cool. Knowing when your meals will arrive you can plan out your Sunday so you’re not worried about the meals. The Meal Prep Sunday drivers will aim to put the bag in a shaded spot and send you a picture to confirm the drop-off. This will keep the bag cool so the meals aren’t exposed to any heat that could risk the meals’ freshness. We design our entire day’s routine so you have a peace of mind with our convenient delivery services.

~ Training ~

On a weekly basis we have training for our drivers to educate them about the entire delivery process. We have tutorials to update them on properly arranging the bags so they will make it safely to their destination. We take our training courses seriously as they affect the execution of our deliveries. Our client’s satisfaction is also based on the success of our deliveries because we all hate waiting for a delivery to be done during the week when we had already planned for a certain day. These drivers are our last line of defense to confirm that everything is in order with distributing the meals safely. We handle our meals like we would expect our own to be so we know how important it is for you to receive your meals with safety as a priority!

~ See for Yourself ~

We can tell you all about how thorough we are in the details but we prefer you try us out! You can see what good food is supposed to taste like and savor the freshness for yourself. We just want to save you time and money and make sure you live a healthy, safe life. Use the promo code “1st” for 50% off your first order and give us a try here!