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Helping Clients With A New Menu Change

For the past 7 years, Meal Prep Sunday has been dedicated to helping clients in any way possible. We are one of the only meal prep companies that offer a weekly changing menu. While this was something that differentiated us, it was not enough for us to stop there. We decided to make a change that will improve our clients’ experience in a major way… 15 individual meals every single week.

Why Change to 15 Meals?

One of the biggest requests we got from our clients was the improvement in the variety of our meals. It is important to us that our clientele knows that their feedback is not going unheard. Out of all of our feedback, this seemed to be the most pressing and achievable feedback request. There are many steps involved in achieving this goal. Our culinary and management team has spent countless hours of research and development to figure out the logistics of this solution. After months of working out these issues, we are very pleased to bring this change to our clients. 

How This Is Helping Clients

We have clients who are using our service for all kinds of reasons. Some get meals to free up time to spend time with their families, others use the service because they do not like to cook, and many clients have fitness goals they want to reach. The change in the menu will be very advantageous for all of our clients. 

Helping Clients Spend Time With Family

When you are a busy professional, you may not have time during to week to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone in your family. This is where Meal Prep Sunday comes in. Having the ability to have chef-made meals that are ready to eat can be a game changer. A service like Meal Prep Sunday can save time on shopping, cooking, and cleaning. In addition to those benefits, you can rest easy knowing the meals are nutritious and delicious for your whole family. The 15-meal menu keeps things exciting for everyone in the family, minimizing the number of times family members are asking to eat out. 

Helping Clients With Cooking

In an article written by Kyle Schnitzer, he cites a survey conducted by OnePoll where they discovered the average American only has 5 meals they can make without a recipe. A majority of the meals people can make are breakfast dishes that are mainly different forms of eggs. People who cook at home also tend to live longer due to the avoidance of processed meats and empty carbs. The change to the 15-meal menu is perfect for people who do not want to cook meals on their own or don’t know which ingredients are healthier than others. Meal Prep Sunday only uses the best ingredients for your body while keeping the taste delicious week in and week out.

Helping Clients With Fitness Goals

For those who want to reach a specific fitness goal, the saying is true that your body is “made in the kitchen”. Laura Schoenfield has an excellent article where she points out that, ” going low carb or low fat doesn’t significantly impact weight loss results. The main thing that matters is that you’re eating in a way you can stick to for long enough to see progress.” This is on the major reasons we decided to change our menu. Having 15 unique meals all geared towards the same goal every week makes it much easier to stay on track. Reaching a fitness goal is a long journey and a big part of the battle is the way you eat. We are helping clients with this part of their journey allowing them to focus on the physical side. We cant wait to see the results that come from this new menu!!

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