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Meal Prep - Dill Glazed Slamon

Salmon Preparation

Meal Prep Sunday serves clients from San Diego all the way up to LA; with this large territory demands that our products are correctly prepared and that the quality of our food stays consistent from start to finish. We want to give you an inside look at how we prepare our salmon throughout the week and the process involved that allows us to deliver a quality product to all of our clients. Continue reading below to see our process from day-to-day accompanied by a video so you can visually see the process and some members of our culinary team.


The first step in our salmon preparation is portioning out the salmon to make sure that we are delivering the correct sized salmon to our customer to help them achieve their fitness goals. Receiving a proper sized portion ensures that our client gets the correct amount of protein and fat required from the salmon filet.

Next, the portioned salmon is then seared on our commercial grills. This step in the process allows us to boost flavor and add texture to the salmon. We take care to use the highest quality and proper cooking techniques with our food so that all of our clients know their food was made with time and care.

Thirdly, we begin the preparation of our vegetables. On Tuesdays, the team roasts the tomatoes and chops the green beans, as these two tasks are time consuming and having them done on Tuesday sets the team up for maximum efficiency the rest of the week. The final Tuesday task is making our green goddess sauce in-house. We use quality ingredients when we make our sauces and we make them in-house so we can ensure our client base is getting healthy sauces made with healthy ingredients.


Salmon preparation on Wednesday is all about cooking our vegetables and ensuring that all of the correct steps are taken to guarantee their quality. As you remember, on Tuesday we prepped the tomatoes by roasting them and we chopped all of the green beans. When Wednesday comes along, we add the roasted tomatoes and chopped green beans to the skillet with carrots, peas, broccoli, salt and pepper. Once these vegetables are all cooked we immediately place them on trays, load them on to speed racks and transfer them directly into the freezer to be blast chilled. Blast chilling allows us to maintain the vegetables color, texture and crunchiness. Techniques like these are what set our culinary experts apart and allow them to deliver tasty, quality meals week in and week out.


Now that our sides are prepared and the salmon is prepped it is time for the second to last step of the salmon preparation where we actually cook our salmon filets. Due to the fact that we have so many clients throughout California cooking big batches of salmon can be tricky. Luckily, we have a dedicated, knowledgeable culinary team and industrial equipment that makes this possible.

On Tuesday we started the preparation of the salmon by searing it to provide texture and flavor. The first step on Thursday is to brush the salmon filets with a dill, tarragon, parsley and oil. Our teams is sure to take care and make sure every salmon filet is completely brushed with our glaze so that every customer gets well seasoned, flavorful salmon.

Once all of the filets are fully brushed and ready to be cooked we load the filets on trays and insert them into our industrial ovens for (How Long) . Our ovens are made to cook large amounts of food so our clients can rest easy knowing that their filets will be fully cooked and packed with flavor.