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Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast

This week’s meal spotlight is our Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast. We will be taking you through our process of preparing the chicken breasts, the sriracha soy chickpeas, curried purple cabbage, garlicky bok choy, and tri-color quinoa. 

The ingredients in the dish have been carefully chosen to maximize not only flavor but nutritional value. Due to our weekly rotating menu, we have a very thorough research and development process to bring you the delicious meals you enjoy every week.

Quality Assurance of Products

At the beginning of our week, our purchasing department negotiates with our suppliers to have all of the necessary ingredients delivered to our facility. Upon arrival, the purchasing department and culinary team go through every piece of produce. They check the temperature of each item to ensure it has been safely stored. For our meals to survive the entire duration of our menu, proper temperature is key. Storing produce or poultry in incorrect conditions increases the possibility for dangerous bacteria to appear. We limit the number of times meals remain outside our fridges. This ensures ingredients are always fresh and not spoiled.

After the temperature check, the team checks that everything received is up to our standards. During the quality assurance phase, we stress the importance for our team to take their time. Removing subpar items is one of the many ways we take your experience from good to great.

Cleaning the Bok Choy

The quality assurance step is universal for all of our dishes and products we receive. For the preparation of this specific dish, our only step on Monday is to wash all of the bok choy. 

Washing all of the bok choy is the most time-intensive part of our process. By getting this done on Monday we set ourselves up with enough time to finish the rest of the dish later in the week.

Homemade Marinade and Sauce

Tuesday begins with the preparation of our homemade spicy herb mix and sweet ‘n spicy turmeric aioli. 

The spicy herb mix contains a mix of light and dark chili powder, cumin, regular and smoked paprika, garlic powder, and other spices. Throughout the process of making the herb mix, we are constantly testing and tweaking to ensure we have an optimal flavor profile. 

Next, we prepare the sweet ‘n spicy aioli. Our aioli is one of the favorite sauces among our customers. The aioli contains a mix of mayonnaise, turmeric, sriracha, honey, salt and pepper, and lemon juice. Per the name, these ingredients give a sweet and spicy combination that pairs very well with our spicy herb mix.

Bok Choy and Chickpea Preparation

On Tuesday, we begin the steps of making our vegetable mix. The first step in this process is mincing the bok choy. Mincing the bok choy will allow it to soak up the flavor from the garlic when we cook it tomorrow. 

Next, we roast the chickpeas test for optimal flavor and texture. We achieve this by roasting the chickpeas in small batches. The small batches allow us to maintain control of how much product we are using. As a company, we are very conscious to minimize the amount of food we waste. Once the flavor and texture are where we want them to be we then roast bigger batches. Once cooked, we move the big batches to the fridge until they are added to the vegetable mix on Wednesday.

Searing the Chicken Breast

On Wednesday, we sear the chicken breast that has been marinating in our spicy herb mix. By allowing our chicken to marinate with this herb mix for a day, it allows the flavor to settle into the breasts. Next, we sear the chicken on each side. Searing the chicken locks in the flavor even more and provides a great texture for the chicken breasts. One of the common compliments we get about our chicken breast meals is how juicy and flavorful the meals stay after delivery. The timing of the cooking and transfer of the chicken breast thereafter is what helps us achieve the quality of chicken breast that we have

Cooking the Vegetable Mix

The final step of our Wednesday process is cooking our vegetable mix. The vegetable mix we use for this dish contains bok choy, garlic, red cabbage, sriracha, soy sauce, and roasted chickpeas.

This specific vegetable mix is one of our culinary team’s favorites to prepare. We use curried purple cabbage and minced bok choy which give a rich color to the dish. Our culinary team is very passionate about their job and being able to prepare a beautiful dish like this really excites them. The result of this is our customers receive a dish that had a lot of care and time put into it, and it shows.

The bok choy and garlic are first cooked for roughly a minute before we add the purple cabbage. After another 40 seconds, we add the remaining ingredients. Throughout the cooking, our team is once again taste testing and adding seasoning where it is needed. The team then transfers the vegetable mix to the blast chiller to rapidly drop the temperature and maintain the texture we achieved. After the blast chiller, the vegetables are moved to the fridge until they are packaged on Friday.

Cooking and Slicing the Chicken Breast

On Thursday, our only objective is to finalize the chicken breast before it is plated on Friday. Our chicken breast was quickly seared on Wednesday, allowing it to retain its juices. Today, we cook the chicken in our rational ovens even further locking in those juices and flavors. Once the breasts have been cooked to a safe internal temperature we slice them into 3-4 pieces and store them in the fridge until they are plated on Friday.

Packing the Meals

On Friday, we pack the meals for delivery on Sunday. The Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast dish is one of our most vibrant dishes and receives a large amount of praise from our clients. We begin packing the meals by placing the spicy turmeric aioli sauce. Next, we add the tri-color quinoa and vegetable skillet. These two elements of the dish provide a beautiful contrast to the Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast.

We portion the meals based on the fitness goal you chose. We take care of the hardest part of nutrition, so you can free up the rest of your time. Once we portion and pack your meals, they are sealed using our MAP sealing technology. This machine removes the oxygen from the environment of the meal allowing it to maintain its freshness. Once sealed, the meals are immediately stored in our fridges where they will remain until they are ready to be delivered to your doorstep.


After much hard work from our management and culinary team, we are excited to announce that we are now offering 15 meals on your weekly menu. 5x breakfast 5x Lunch and 5x Dinner meals
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