Chicken Harvest Bowl Meal Prep

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This week we highlight our Chicken Harvest Bowl. As with every dish, we prepare our customers are our main concern. Providing meals that not only taste great but give our customers the nutrients they need to be at their best is something we take very seriously. All of the ingredients in this weeks dish achieve this purpose.

Tuesday Prep

On Tuesday we begin the process of making the Chicken Harvest Bowl Meal Prep. 

We will begin by making our cranberry sauce from scratch. Our cranberry sauce contains water, cinnamon, brown sugar, fresh orange juice, and cranberries. The blending of these ingredients gives a classic Thanksgiving cranberry sauce flavor to the meal.

Next, we begin preparing the vegetables. The vegetables that we will use are yams and brussels sprouts. The yams are diced into cubes and the brussels sprouts are chopped in half. We then roast them on baking sheets until they reach a desired consistency.

Lastly, we move on to our chicken breast. We season the chicken breast and then sear it on our flat top grills. Searing the chicken locks in the flavor and provides texture to the meal. Once the sear is complete, we then move the chicken into our state-of-the-art ovens. These ovens allow the chicken to be evenly cooked and keeps it from drying out.

Wednesday Prep

On Wednesday we finish off the rest of the preparation for the harvest bowl. This will first begin with making our wild rice and then adding the cooked rice to the skillet with the chicken and brussels sprouts. 

The wild rice we make along with the dish contains Spanish onion, oil, salt, pepper, and chicken stock which provides flavor.  Once cooked it is put in the oven for an hour and forty-five minutes. After it leaves the oven it is added to our skillet where it is mixed with the diced chicken and brussels sprouts. The yams are then added last, after the rice, chicken, and brussels sprouts have been cooking for a bit. At the end of the cooking cycle we add almonds, cranberries, and parsley as garnishes.

Thursday Prep

On Thursday we will be plating and packaging our Chicken Harvest Bowl. The plating process begins with the cranberry sauce followed by the Chicken Harvest Bowl mix of the wild rice, brussels sprouts, and yams. 

After the plating, we use our sealing machine that has the ability to remove oxygen from the inside of the meals. Our team goes through and is able to ensure that the oxygen amount is under 1% inside the container. Using this technology greatly reduces the oxidation process, therefore, allowing the meals to last longer and stay fresh for the hole week.

Chicken Harvest Bowl Impact on Clients

The Chicken Harvest Bowl is a great example of the things we focus on with all of our meals.  One of the things we focus on is the specific blend of ingredients we use. The macronutrients you put into your body are important, but the micronutrients should not be overlooked. Getting your body the correct vitamins and micronutrients can have major benefits like regulating your hormonal state, improving your mental state, give you healthier skin and hair, and even improve the overall performance of your body. By portioning your meal based on your goals we can provide our clients with the necessary amounts of macro and micronutrients. 

Another thing that separates us from many other companies is that we provide our clients with a 90-day workout plan. When the workout plan is paired with our 15 meal menu, it sets our clients up for the best results. Even if a clients goal is not to get fitness goals, we believe it is important to provide this option to all of our clients so that they have the opportunity to get the healthiest body possible if they choose to do so.

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